Soccer Update

Hello everyone,

On October 2, the East Central executive board decided to put a 2 week pause on the season with the string of health alerts given in many of the counties in our area.
After consultation with the health departments and the state, the East Central executive board has decided the season will continue starting this weekend and finish with the previously announced revised schedule.
As the area is still in an extreme level of COVID-19 transmission, it is critical to follow the return to play guidelines to ensure soccer does not become a super spreader event.
  • All spectators must wear an appropriate face mask.
  • All spectators must remain 6 feet apart from individuals not living in their household.
  • All spectators must be on the same side of the field as their team, but on the opposite half. 
  • A clear space must be provided for substitutes to stand that is not in the spectator seating area.
  • A maximum of 2 spectators per player is allowed.
  • All coaches must wear a mask at all times.
  • All substitute players must be wearing a mask, except when taking a drink.
  • All substitutes must maintain 6 feet of separation.
Any club/team that feels uncomfortable continuing to play must let Sue Ann know by noon on Wednesday, October 14. There will be no penalties or sanctions for clubs/teams pulling out due to COVID-19 concerns. Further, if any team has suspected COVID-19 exposure, the team should quarantine for 10 days and all games should be rescheduled. No penalty will be assessed for reschedules due to COVID-19. However, please let the appropriate people know as soon as possible so referees can be rescheduled.
Clubs - verify with the owners of the facilities you play at that you are allowed to continue playing. If permission is denied, please reach out to your opponent to attempt to find an alternative location immediately.  If able, clubs may resume all training following protocols in effect prior to the pause.
We have been lucky that there has not been any documented spread of the virus through the soccer community thus far. Only by EVERYONE strictly following the return to play guidelines can we maximize the chances of finishing this season. Please follow the guidelines and stay safe.
Thank you,
Jay DeBruin
East Central President