Referee Recertification Course

Referee Recertification Instructions

The process for registering for a recertification clinic has changed.  Instead of going through GameOfficials, you will now use the USSF Learning Center at is a PDF to assist you with signing in and accessing a course.  Due to the changes, please read all of this instructions carefully.  Also, the classroom portion of the clinic will now be five hours in length.

Please note that background screening for recertifying Referees 18 years of age and older, MUST be applied for and cleared before US Soccer will allow registering for any course.  All new background checks should be initiated by going to Available Courses/Supplemental Courses/Background Screening. The background screening takes between 2-10 days for a response. As all course work including the online portion MUST be completed at least 48 hours prior to the classroom attendance, Referees should plan accordingly when they choose a course.  I recommend signing up for a course at least 2 weeks in advance to give yourselves enough time to complete the background screening, register and complete all assignments.
As a recertifying referee, you have been registered with US Soccer and you were issued a Referee ID number and are in their data base. When signing up and locating your Referee profile within the US Soccer Learning Center, search by using your name exactly as it is spelled on your US Soccer Referee Registration card and birthdate. Patiently wait for your Referee profile to appear. If you get the message “Your search did not match any user” give the system more time to locate yourself and it should appear.  DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER REFERE PROFILE as this will hold up your registration. If you have ever been a referee and cannot find your profile, email and and they will send you a screen shot of exactly what your Referee profile looks like that you can then use to sign in.
In addition to the PDF, the following steps will be helpful.
1) After arriving at the Learning Center referee landing page, you can “Sign In”. As a referee with past certification history, the system will search for your data, based on name and date of birth to build out your referee profile. You will NOT need to create a new profile.
2) If you are 18 years old or older, please see the information regarding background screening above.  After completing the background screening proceed to the next step.
3) When you are signed in, click on Courses in the blue banner at the top.
4) When the “My Courses” page appears, click on “Available Courses”.
5) When the “Available Courses” page appears, click on “Grassroots – Recertifying Referees” which applies to levels 9, 8 and 7 referees, on the left hand side of the page.  Then click on the red “Go to Course List”.
6) The list of courses for the whole State appears.  The list has multiple pages in date order with the most future date first.
7) Select the clinic that you wish to attend and click on “Course Details”.  This will take you to the course page.
8) Click on “Proceed to Registration” to register and pay the course fee.
9) Now complete the course assignments.
Course Assignments can be found under the “Assignments” tab within the registered course. Assignments can only be accessed within a course once registered for a course. There are 4 assignments to complete. ALL assignments MUST be completed 48 hours prior the course or the referee will not be allowed to attend.
If you are not on the class roster, Instructors will not be allowed to let you attend the course.
         NO WALK-INS ALLOWED.                   NO EXCEPTIONS

Only those completing ALL assignments 48 hours before the course will be listed on the course roster.

Instructions for Referee Courses