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Referee Carding Report

Reporting Scores and Incidents

Referee, below is a step by step document for reporting incidents (yellow and red cards, coach/spectator ejections).

Incidents Reports will only need to be filled out for East Central Games ONLY.

Incident Reports & Scoring need to be filled out for all games in State League, SECL and WDA league games.

An email will be generated to the Referee in the leagues that need scores.  You will receive an email daily until you have entered in the score.  Only center referees need to do this.  Please do this as soon as you get home from your game or with-in 24 hours. 

Incident reports reminders are not sent.  So please remember to go in and record those if you have any.

League Administrators have access to the games for the scores and the incident reports.

Here is the link on how to enter scores & incident reports in Game Officials:

(If a link does not work, you may need to copy and paste the full link into your browser's address bar)

Thank you for your attention to this!

Mike Jones