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Schedule Managers

ClubId Club Name email Phone
10753 Ashwaubenon Soccer Club Jeff Jones 920-246-2340
10754 DePere Select Soccer Club Tod Maki 920-362-1004
10755 Electric City Soccer Association Deb Belongea 920-766-5537
10756 FC Green Bay Quinn Ross 920-371-4818
10768 FC Menasha Kevin Otto 920-722-0609
12558 Fox Cities United Renee' Sullivan
10762 Goalgetters UnAnn Kaufmann ited Soccer Club Jim Welnetz 920-905-3428
10763 Green Bay Lightning Jean Geason 920-362-1527
10764 Heart of the Valley Soccer Association Mike Buman 920-540-2971
15672 Howard FC Dianne Bellisle 920-362-0348
10766 Kiel Soccer Club Tina Murkowski 262-689-7703
10767 Kimberly Area Soccer Association Wayne Stoflet 920-788-5840
10772 Neenah Soccer Club Mike Jones
10769 New Holstein Soccer Association Theresa Conrad 
10752 New United Doris Schommer 920-738-9867
12509 Niagara Northern Stars Soccer Club Josh Racine
10771 Oshkosh United Soccer Club Chris Billstrom
13074 Thunder Area Soccer Kids Jay DeBruin
10773 United Soccer of Allouez Tanya Whatley
10765 United Hurricanes Soccer Club Scott Frisch 920-203-2684
10774 Water Cities Soccer Club Ryan Lenz 920-420-6112

How to postpone a game

Attention Schedule Managers, Field Schedulers and Referee Assignors:

Above are the links to your contact information on the East Central website.  Please check to make sure your information is current. 

East Central is no longer using the game rescheduling tool.  Please contact the coach of the opposing team to reschedule a game.

DO NOT to use the cancel button in League One.  Please review the follow procedure and start using this method for all future game changes in League One.  As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

o   If a game cannot be played on the scheduled date and you want to communicate this to your team and its players what is the best way to handle this?  There are only two options when working in League One.  1) Cancel, 2) Reschedule.

§  Canceling the game:  The game is crossed out and you can no longer use the game number or the team information and there is no way to un-cancel the game.   To enter a new game in League One, you have to take several steps.   This is proving to be a problem as we would like to keep the game number associated with the game.  East Central no longer wants you to CANCEL GAMES!

§  New way to Reschedule the game:  

1.      If you already know the date of the new game, the field and the time you can reschedule the game in League One.  Remember that you will need to notify the referee assignor that you are moving the game to a new date and that the referees should be removed from the old game time and new referees assigned to the new game.

2.      If you do not know what the new game date will be.  You should postpone the game by placing it on a date in the past.  East Central has a designated DATE:   April 23, 2018, TIME:  5:01 PM as a way of telling if a game is suspended and awaiting a decision on a new play date.  If you run into problems with that field and time already filled go to 6:01 and so on.   Remember to cancel the referees for the old game date. 

3.      When teams are ready with a new date for the reschedule they will look for the same game number and start the rescheduling process.   Once the agreed upon date is selected the Schedule Manager will update the information in League One and the referee assignor for your club should post the new game in Game Officials. 

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